Privacy Policy 


1. Universal Freedom Pty Ltd ACN 634 669 355 trading as Vocal Freedom Program (VF) provides this statement as part of its commitment to user privacy. It details how VF collects and uses personal information within its business and how those who participate in its programs can access their own personal information.

2. The policy of VF is to comply fully with the Australian Privacy Principles for the fair handling of personal information as set out in the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”).

3. VF will only collect very limited information. Examples of information that VF collects from participants in its programs (Participants) is full name, email address and country of domicile (at the time a Participant joins a program). Some of the information VF collects is data which relates to an identifiable person. However, no personal information of a medical nature is collected by VF.

4. VF uses information about Participants to provide or enhance the programs it makes available to Participants to communicate with Participants about its programs and other information Participants may find of value, to assist VF’s legitimate interests and to comply with Government regulation applicable to the health and allied service industry.

5. Any personal information VF collects will be used solely for the purpose of providing programs and VF will not store it for any longer period than is legally permissible and required for this purpose and will destroy and/or deidentify personal information as soon as possible.

6. The collection and utilisation of personal data from Participants will be used primarily for the purposes set out above. VF may also disclose to a credit reporting agency, personal information relating to any credit card payment or application for finance or credit but only where a Participant has given express approval. In the case of credit card payment, approval may be constituted by the provision of card details.

7. Except to the extent set out above, VF does not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disseminate Participant’s personal data and will not do so unless required by law or required for the purpose of an agreement with a particular Participant or unless a Participant has given express consent so to do.

8. It is VF’s policy to ensure that customer’s personal information held by VF is processed fairly and lawfully and securely maintained in accordance with generally acceptable industry standards and in a confidential manner.

9. Personal information will not be disclosed to overseas recipients without the express written consent of the Participant.

10. Participants can ascertain the particular information being held by contacting VF through its website. VF will acknowledge your request within two (2) weeks. If VF is prevented from disclosing personal information it will give reason for such refusal. To keep Participant’s personal information accurate, please contact VF in respect of any incorrect information so that its records can be updated.

11. If a Participant has a privacy inquiry or complaint, the Participant should:

(a) send the complaint to the email on the VF website;
(b) give a brief description of the inquiry or complaint (what happened, when, what consequences);
(c) indicate the preferred remedy, resolution or outcome;
(d) provide sufficient detail to enable VF to respond.

11.2 VF will acknowledge your inquiry or complaint promptly and respond substantively to a Participant’s inquiry or complaint within 30 days of receipt.

11.3 Complaints will be handled by someone other than the person who made the decision or took the action complained about.

11.4 If VF does not respond to a complaint in accordance with this clause or a Participant is dissatisfied with the response, a Participant may make a complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commission (OAIC). To make a complaint to the OAIC, follow the procedure outlined on its website.

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