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Spasmodic Dysphonia

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Vocal Tremor

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Listen to people in the program who we have guided to a new confident voice

Manny lives in the Philippines where treatment for SD is very difficult and unachievable. Manny found us online and joined the program in July 2020. Manny had AD SD. Manny is only halfway through the Vocal Freedom Program but listen to his amazing new voice!


As a professional, Dennis uses his voice on the phone all day. He has struggled with AB SD for over 10 years. Dennis has just completed the program and is shouting for joy with his new voice.


Gayle was one of the pioneers of professional female voice overs in America in the late 2000's. She then developed AB SD which ruined her career for over 7 years. She then joined the Vocal Freedom Program and now Gayle is back at the top of her game.


Monica is a legendary South American Actress who had AD SD. She shows how belief and practice can free your beautiful voice again. Listen to Jim's motivating interview with Monica below.


Here's how we solve Voice Disorders

Our vision was to create an online program for Speech Disorders, giving you a clear pathway to cure your voice forever.  We believe you don't have to live with these debilitating conditions.  Furthermore, you DO NOT need harsh invasive medical treatments but rather the right emotional habits to eliminate this vocal disorder permanently.  Our uniquely holistic approach helps you regain a clear voice with emotional confidence, for the long term, we are NOT a short term 'Band Aid' solution.  From years of clinical studies and trials, we have developed a method that shows remarkable results. We have helped many overcome their Speech Disorder without the need for medications, invasive surgeries and excessive vocal exercises. So come join us! And let us show you how you can achieve vocal freedom.


I'm just so happy, my voice is still going strong which I can't believe, my voice would normally be locked up by now, it's feeling so smooth, clear and it's not a struggle to talk. It makes me feel so confident again, like I use to be. I want keep enjoying this happiness.

Julie Brentwood (London, United Kingdom)

I am a 57 year old female Fitness Instructor and my voice slowly started struggling with a few words until it became Abductor SD. Jim is so passionate about helping all of us to conquer this debilitating problem. He certainly has done his research and believes it is a long slow process of positivity awareness and changing our lives. I truly feel if I practice the concepts of the program enough I can heal my voice.

Tanya Goss (New Zealand)

I was told that SD is a chronic condition that I couldn’t change. Meeting Jim who believed that you can change the course of this disorder was a crucial element of my healing. The power of belief and relentless persistence despite ‘bad days’ is what helped me the most.

Emily Thomson (Australia)

Your program is just wonderful. It is helping me change my whole life, not just my voice.

Caroline Matthijs (Belgium)

I have crossed the threshold...a whole evening of fluent speech. I am in tears of joy. For the first time in 30 years without toxins, I have been speaking without SD! Hallelujah! I know it can be done. It can be repeated tomorrow and tomorrow forever.

Tracy Evans (USA)

On a phone call today one of my coworkers who I speak with regularly mentioned how much better my voice is sounding. I was also on another call for about 30 minutes and felt a level of freedom with my voice that I have not felt before. So the process is working. Little by little the changes are happening.

Dennis Shannon (USA)

I just trusted all that Jim said when I watched his videos. The cost was a little significant for but I felt I trusted Jim and just knew his ideas and method would benefit me. What I found out when I was going through the program was it was more than just a voice program, it was helping my whole self, it was changing me, and my voice was just getting better and better. It changed my life.

Piotr Mlocek

The Breathwork has helped me tremendously, it helped unlock my diaphragm. The ‘shift’ is also amazing, to shift to the new me and changing my life style, letting go of my stressed energy, has helped me so much. Holding onto my perfectionism has been too stressful and this transformation has been very powerful for me. I believe this program can really help all people with SD. This program has helped me so much, not just my voice but my whole lifestyle, I wish for others to feel the same. This condition is so painful and stressful, to have relief from it and have the transformation as I went through is crucial.

Theresa Rose

This unique program will heal your Speech Disorder by...

  • Understanding clearly how & why you developed a Speech Disorder
  • Learn the mechanics of your brain, understanding how to take control of your emotions and growing new neurons that will eliminate your Speech Disorder

  • Create NEW emotional habits to implement into your life immediately that will make significant changes to your voice  
  • Learn key strategies to ensure you maintain your healthy mind & voice for the rest of your life

  • Leave with a set of skills that will help you overcome any anxiety & stress in your life
  • We also have a Facebook group where we will post helpful tips throughout your journey.

Approximately 18.5 million individuals worldwide have a speech, voice or language disorder.

Approximately 7.5 million people in the United States have trouble using their voice.

About 3 million Americans stutter.

It is estimated that 1 in 100,000 people will develop Spasmodic Dysphonia.

It's estimated about 1% of the world's population stutters / stammers.

One third of all people with Spasmodic Dysphonia will also experience a tremor of the voice as well.

Women make up around 60%–80% of people with Spasmodic Dysphonia.

Stuttering is more common among males than females. In adults, the male-to-female ratio is about 4 to 1.

The average age Spasmodic Dyphonia is diagnosed is 39 years.

The medical condition of ‘disaffluent speech’ is referred to as 'stuttering' in American English. In British English, the condition is called 'stammering'.

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Don’t live in shame of your voice any longer. Join our program that will naturally fix your voice.

Monthly Membership

$28 AUD

(Approximately $19 USD)

Full unlimited access to our structured program that will help you get your natural voice back whilst working at your own pace

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Annual Membership

$297 AUD

(Approximately $209 USD)

Full unlimited access to our structured program that will help you get your natural voice back whilst working at your own pace

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Jim Bostock

Jim Bostock is driven to help people achieve freedom from Speech Disorders & body dysfunctions. Listening & learning from over 60,000 patients Jim discovered a unique concept & method that works. These achievements have led him to work with incredible people around the world. From celebrity entertainers, singers, athletes and entrepreneurs, to Sally who is a mum of 3 and quietly suffering Spasmodic Dysphonia. Jim's sole focus has been to help each person find their personal pathway to feeling better. Jim's training includes an undergraduate honours in Exercise Physiology, a postgraduate in Physiotherapy, a Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and he is trained in 2 unique methods of manual therapy originating in the United States and France. He has been working in private practice for 18 years as a nerve release specialist and developed the Vocal Freedom Program in Australia to help people improve their Speech Disorder. 

Richard Bostock

Richard Bostock is widely known as Richie or 'The Breath Guy'. He is a coach, author, speaker and Breathwork evangelist. It is his mission to spread the life changing possibilities of Breathwork to the world. Breathing is the only system in the body that is both automatic and also under our control. That is not an accident of nature, it is by design and is the key to becoming a healthy, happy and a high performing individual. Richie's experiences with Breathwork have completely shifted his own life and beliefs on the potential of human beings. Having traveled around the world learning from many of the modern day masters of Breathwork, it is now his mission to share this powerful work with the world. You can catch Richie at festivals, workshops and retreats across the world. He currently teaches Breathwork classes in London and works one-on-one with people who wish to accelerate personal growth and development quickly.

Are you scared of speaking? Let us help you get your voice back

Monthly Membership

$28 AUD

(Approximately $19 USD)

Full unlimited access to our structured program that will help you get your natural voice back whilst working at your own pace

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Annual Membership

$297 AUD

(Approximately $209 USD)

Full unlimited access to our structured program that will help you get your natural voice back whilst working at your own pace

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Frequently Asked Questions

A 16 week holistic program to heal your Speech Disorder and access to our private Facebook group to connect and grow with others of the same mindset and goals, with a total of 6 months access to the program.

Yes, we have had great success with this treatment with a 90% success rate of full recovery.

Our program is a video based instructional platform delivered to you weekly for a total period of 16 weeks.  Practicing your habits is required for a further 2 months.

Our program is a holistic approach to healing your mind & voice. There are NO painful exercises involved in this program.

The program will teach you week by week to initially solve the mystery of your Speech Disorder, then you develop the neural skills that will grow your new identity and a better voice with practice. Some people have had improvements within weeks, others a few months. The journey is very individual to your emotional state however, you WILL feel significant long lasting changes.

Using the widely regarded concept of Neuroplasticity as the base, we are training new habits into your brains circuitry, that can override old genetic programming.  Simply we are helping you change your autopilot nervous system into a new one that doesn't have a Speech Disorder attached.  Like teaching you to play the guitar from the beginning, with practice you grow a new neural program that says you are a guitar player!  The whole process begins with 'believing' in your new identity, a person without SD.

There are components of this program that help the Vagus (vocal) nerve physically release through body movements, Breathwork and emotional retraining. However MTD also requires a direct hands on treatment to fully release the muscle tension. This treatment is NOT in the Vocal Freedom Program as we are helping Speech Disorders more specifically.

Yes, all forms of voice disorders can range from mild (infrequent) to severe (affecting all voice and singing). Our program treats both mild and severe forms of voice disorders.


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